What you need to know about Atlantis 2?

The Atlantis 2 is just about the same size as the first Atlantis, however it holds a greater amount of e-liquid, 50% more to be correct; 2mL limit for the first Atlantis, 3mL for the Atlantis 2. While vaping the 0.3-ohm curl you’ll value the additional limit because the number of times you’ll have to refill the tank will drop to half.

The curls for the new Atlantis 2 are available in 0.3-ohm and 0.5-ohm. In survey tests for the 0.3-ohm loop we needed to go to at least 50watts to get a lot of vapor, and it can go to a maximum of 80W; however the vapor was too warm at the 80W. The 0.5-ohm curls performed well at 30-40w. Aspire has moved to another atomizer head made with 100% natural Japanese cotton. This move enhanced the flavor a bit, and added to the vapor generation.

When the first Atlantis went to market it was about that tank. At that time the type of execution you could get with this sub ohm surprising. Presently we bring sub ohm tanks with a grain of salt. The Atlantis 2 should be a tank that can stop some vapers from their search for the huge tank.


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